Burls Burleton

Burls Burleton

Drums & Percussion

Burls got his first proper kit when he was 11.

A few years, and a few kits later, his first gigging band included Gary Barden (Michael Schenker Group) on vocals.

He went on to play drums (far too loudly apparently) with various rock and blues bands and played percussion with the original Betty Swollocks.

Then, having not gigged for a while (much to the relief of everyone around him), he received a call from Paul to say that he had to buy a new kit and play for The Betties.

"He was last first on my list," Paul explains.

As well as playing with The Betties, Burls has played and toured with The Deborah Bonham Band playing songs from her albums 'The Old Hyde' and 'Duchess'. Visit www.deborahbonham.com for details on all that and her new album, 'Spirit'.

He has also been drum tech and personal assistant for Jason Bonham. (Sometimes Jason lets him get near his kit and carry his bags.)

Burls uses ...

DW Collector's Series drums, DW hardware and pedals, Zildjian cymbals, ProMark sticks and Olay regenerist replenishing cream with pentapeptides: "It's better than Boswelox."