Graham Burgess

Graham Burgess


Graham has a long and varied musical pedigree. He has been playing the piano since he was old enough to reach the keys, and he also plays violin (mostly forgotten) and guitar (rusty). An intuitive musician and a natural improvisor, as a child he won prizes at musical festivals for composition. His ability to pick up music by ear is a bonus, because his sight-reading is rubbish.

In the past he has played in orchestras for musical productions such as South Pacific, Oklahoma, Guys & Dolls and others. More recently he has been gigging with a five-piece jazz band playing contemporary jazz covers in a number of venues along the south coast, and has worked as a duo on the pub/restaurant circuit, most recently with Hastings-based singer-songwriter Jo Chedgey. He has also been known to unstrap his guitar at jam nights and sing a few ballads to make the ladies cry and the men throw up.

The Betties also loan him to the UK's premier Jethro Tull tribute band, the Dayglo Pirates. Visit their website at:

He has been known to dress up as the Dark Lord (as you can see at the start of this video), but lately this has made way in favour of wearing some really nice shirts. In fact, he thinks his shirts are the best in the band (the man is obviously deluded).

Graham uses ...


Roland FP3 digital piano for the piano-ey bits, Fujiha D9 with Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere for the dirty Hammond organ-ey bits and a Novation KS5 synth for strings and any silly noises.


Laney Combo for monitoring.