Micky Watson

Micky Watson

Vocals, Harmonica, Sound Effects, Lights

Micky started playing piano at an early age, until his father dragged it into the garden and smashed it up with an axe!

A few years later he took up playing the guitar instead, thinking that if that too became an annoyance, it would be easier to get it into the garden.

A brief spell in the local church choir started his singing capabilities although he was asked to leave after being caught in the vestry up to no good with one of the vicar's daughters!

His first band appearance was with an eclectic mix of local musicians, a nine piece band which featured a sax player who became known as Puffing Billy.

He also appeared a few times as a guest with Betty Swollocks.

Later he created his studio band project with the late, great, Dave 'Chalky' White, known as The Jumper Puppies. They recorded three albums at their Laugh a Minute Studios.

Moving into a different direction saw Micky join Blues band Zip It Up, playing guitar, slide guitar, blues harp and singing.

When the band split up he joined forces with his brother Paul and uses his playing skills in the popular duo The Watson Brothers.

An early fascination with fire meant he became a pyromaniac at an early age, this undoubtedly lead to his obsession with lighting and effects. He started out as lighting guy for The Betties and then the band realised his skills as a musician could be used within the band too (and that if they kept him busy there would be fewer mysterious fires).

His natural ability to find harmonies combined with his playing skills make him a great attribute to the band. They have, however, forbidden him to possess matches.

Micky uses:

Harmonicas and various gadgets including the guts of a teddybear.