Paul Watson

Paul Watson

Lead Vocals and Bass

Paul had his first guitar aged 8. Messed around for a few years, then had lessons with Terry Lees (Guitarist of the Year 1999 - Guitarist Magazine).

He had his first band aged 10 with school mates who couldn't play!!

He later teamed up with the Smithson brothers (Mobiles) and played pubs and clubs as a young teenager.

He co-fronted and started playing bass in local band D'arc during the 80s and had a Number 26 in the German charts. Also played guitar with popular local band Bang Utot.

In the mid 80s he joined the band Wild Honey who were managed by legendary rock manager Peter Grant (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company).

He joined Brighton based Blues band Desperate Dan and extensively gigged the UK and recorded many sessions.

He later studied Music at Newcastle University.

The 90s saw him once again managed by another legendary rock Manager, Billy Gaff (Rod Stewart).

More tours and recording sessions followed, with the band appearing on the 'rocktastic' Tommy Vance Show (Radio 1).

Session work followed with an album and gigs in Germany with German based rock group Stranger (EMI).

Paul guested on the Muffin Men album Say Cheese and Thank You, a collection of Frank Zappa covers and got to perform alongside Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk Gardner and Don Preston from the original Mothers of Invention.

He reformed The Betties (originally Betty Swollocks) in 2004.

Paul uses ...


1979 Musicman Stingray bass, Graham Wheeler Custom bass. (On special occasions they might even be in tune.)


GK 800RB head, Ashdown MAG 300H head, Hartke 4X10XL cab.