The Band - Paul and Alun
Here's a bit of old bollocks about the regular players and guests that are The Betties.
Paul Watson
Lead Vocals and Bass

Paul had his first guitar aged 8. Messed around for a few years, then had lessons with Terry Lees (Guitarist of the Year 1999 - Guitarist Magazine).

He had his first band aged 10 with school mates who couldn't play!!

He later teamed up with the Smithson brothers (Mobiles) and played pubs and clubs as a young teenager.

He co-fronted and started playing bass in local band D'arc during the 80s and had a Number 26 in the German charts. Also played guitar with popular local band Bang Utot.

In the mid 80s he joined the band Wild Honey who were managed by legendary rock manager Peter Grant (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company).

He joined Brighton based Blues band Desperate Dan and extensively gigged the UK and recorded many sessions.

He later studied Music at Newcastle University.

The 90s saw him once again managed by another legendary rock Manager, Billy Gaff (Rod Stewart).

More tours and recording sessions followed, with the band appearing on the 'rocktastic' Tommy Vance Show (Radio 1).

Session work followed with an album and gigs in Germany with German based rock group Stranger (EMI).

Paul guested on the Muffin Men album Say Cheese and Thank You, a collection of Frank Zappa covers and got to perform alongside Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk Gardner and Don Preston from the original Mothers of Invention.

He reformed The Betties (originally Betty Swollocks) in 2004.

Paul Watson - Lead Vocals and Bass
Alun Owen
Lead Guitar and Vocals

Alun started playing guitar aged 9.

His first ever guitar was an 'Audition' acoustic, from Woolies, bought by his parents (after some pestering) for 7 quid!

A 'few' years later he was gigging across Europe playing guitar with, and for, some sublime and some ridiculous bands.

As one of the original two guitarists in Limehouse Lizzy, he played "some of the finest twin lead guitar music written in the last century."

He has played countless sessions and deps and clinics with T. M. Stevens and toured with Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy).

To see what floats his boat check out Alun's MySpace pages here:

Alun Owen - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Graham Burgess

Graham has a long and varied musical pedigree. He has been playing the piano since he was old enough to reach the keys, and he also plays violin (mostly forgotten) and guitar (rusty). An intuitive musician and a natural improvisor, as a child he won prizes at musical festivals for composition. His ability to pick up music by ear is a bonus, because his sight-reading is rubbish.

In the past he has played in orchestras for musical productions such as South Pacific, Oklahoma, Guys & Dolls and others. More recently he has been gigging with a five-piece jazz band playing contemporary jazz covers in a number of venues along the south coast, and has worked as a duo on the pub/restaurant circuit, most recently with Hastings-based singer-songwriter Jo Chedgey. He has also been known to unstrap his guitar at jam nights and sing a few ballads to make the ladies cry and the men throw up.

The Betties also loan him to the UK's premier Jethro Tull tribute band, the Dayglo Pirates. Visit their website at:

He has been known to dress up as the Dark Lord (as you can see at the start of this video), but lately this has made way in favour of wearing some really nice shirts. In fact, he thinks his shirts are the best in the band (the man is obviously deluded).

Graham Burgess - Keyboards
Burls Burleton
Drums & Percussion

Burls got his first proper kit when he was 11.

A few years, and a few kits later, his first gigging band included Gary Barden (Michael Schenker Group) on vocals.

He went on to play drums (far too loudly apparently) with various rock and blues bands and played percussion with the original Betty Swollocks.

Then, having not gigged for a while (much to the relief of everyone around him), he received a call from Paul to say that he had to buy a new kit and play for The Betties.

"He was last first on my list," Paul explains.

As well as playing with The Betties, Burls has played and toured with The Deborah Bonham Band playing songs from her albums 'The Old Hyde' and 'Duchess'. Visit for details on all that and her new album, 'Spirit'.

He has also been drum tech and personal assistant for Jason Bonham.

Burls Burleton - Drums & Percussion
Micky Watson
Vocals, Harmonica, Sound Effects, Lights

Micky started playing piano at an early age, until his father dragged it into the garden and smashed it up with an axe!

A few years later he took up playing the guitar instead, thinking that if that too became an annoyance, it would be easier to get it into the garden.

A brief spell in the local church choir started his singing capabilities although he was asked to leave after being caught in the vestry up to no good with one of the vicar's daughters!

His first band appearance was with an eclectic mix of local musicians, a nine piece band which featured a sax player who became known as Puffing Billy.

He also appeared a few times as a guest with Betty Swollocks.

Later he created his studio band project with the late, great, Dave 'Chalky' White, known as The Jumper Puppies. They recorded three albums at their Laugh a Minute Studios.

Moving into a different direction saw Micky join Blues band Zip It Up, playing guitar, slide guitar, blues harp and singing.

When the band split up he joined forces with his brother Paul and uses his playing skills in the popular duo The Watson Brothers.

An early fascination with fire meant he became a pyromaniac at an early age, this undoubtedly lead to his obsession with lighting and effects. He started out as lighting guy for The Betties and then the band realised his skills as a musician could be used within the band too (and that if they kept him busy there would be fewer mysterious fires).

His natural ability to find harmonies combined with his playing skills make him a great attribute to the band. They have, however, forbidden him to possess matches.

Micky Watson - Vocals, Harmonica, Sound Effects, Lights
The Guest Players
Sometimes The Betties realise that it can't get any worse, so they decide to invite some randomly carefully selected hobos, drunks and other assorted tone-deaf ne'er-do-wells to play on stage with them.
The Guests - A Musical Lucky Dip